How to Burn a DVD Disc from an ISO File

How to Burn a DVD Disc from an ISO File

Now that high speed access is common across the United States and other developed countries, DVD (and now Blu-ray) discs are becoming less​​ common. However, there is oftentimes a need to burn files to a disc to install software or an operating system on a computer. Many of these “discs” are available as ISO files that can easily be burned to a disc for installation. Following are the instructions on how to burn an ISO file to a DVD.

  • After downloading the ISO file, copy the file​​ to​​ your desktop.

  • Download the Image Burn software from the following link:

  • After installing the software run the program and select​​ Write image file to disc


  • Under​​ Source, select the​​ folder​​ icon.

  • Double-click​​ on the ISO file.


  • Insert a blank DVD in your drive and select the​​ Write to DVD​​ icon.


The​​ Image Burn software will start burning the disc and display a message once the program is finished. Your disc is now ready for use.​​